Christmas Spirit Without All the Glamour

GiantChristmasTreeVintage-GraphicsFairy2I have not written in a long time because I am learning how to manage my full time job and homeschooling with out pulling out my hair. That brings me to the idea of creating a spiritual Christmas with out unpacking the seemingly endless boxes of decorations.  Lets face it, decorations make things fun and Christmasy.

I first pulled out my nativity set and made the star path for Mary to walk across each day of Advent.  That in itself was special.  A lit candle some Christmas music made the moment.  Hmmm.  I am not sure what else I can do. I am thinking about just pulling all our Christmas lights out and hanging them everywhere.  That’s my favorite part of decorating are the lights and how they twinkle.

Does anyone else have some ideas?

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2 Responses to Christmas Spirit Without All the Glamour

  1. I like candles… and you are– you must be– a superwoman to homeschool and work a full-time job!

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